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A World-Renowned Gynecologist's Solutions for a Better World in Women's Health Care

In A Maverick of Medicine Speaks to Women, one of today’s most prominent gynecologists speaks up for women, speaks out against the bias in female health care, and tells how his own battle with cancer led him to the practice of integrated preventive medicine. Unabashed and unashamed of his odyssey into the world of “unconventional” medicine, Dr. Townsend shares his successful use of soy genistein, natural progesterone, and disease-prevention measures for thousands of women. An intriguing and indispensable read for women of all ages, Maverick intertwines a lifetime of personal and professional experience in treating everything from breast and uterine cancer to endometriosis and menopausal discomforts. With powerful candor and impeccable credentials, Dr. Townsend advocates a new approach sure to become the standard in tomorrow’s world of women’s health.

5.5 x 8.5 inches
ISBN 1-58054-350-2
395 pages

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