About Dr. Townsend

Curriculum Vitae (Condensed)

1952 – 1955:
B. A. University of California at Davis
Davis, California

1955 – 1957:

School of Medicine
University of California, Los Angeles

1957 – 1958:

Student Fellow, Department of Pathology
University of California, Los Angeles
While attending medical school Dr. Townsend was awarded a Pathology Fellowship during which he studied the effects of radiation therapy on the metabolism of animals.

1958 – 1960:

School of Medicine,
University of California, Los Angeles

1960 – 1961:

Intern, Wadsworth General Hospital
Los Angeles, California

1961 – 1965:

Resident, Obstetrics & Gynecology
University of California, Los Angeles
While in residency training, Dr. Townsend was one of the first to conduct fetal monitoring.

Board Certifications


1968 American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists


American Board of Gynecologic Oncology

Professional Appointments and Highlights:

1965 – 1969:

Assistant Professor, OB/GYN,
University of California, Los Angeles, School of Medicine
  • Completed a modified fellowship in perinatology with Fred Kubli who pioneered the method of monitoring fetal well-being using fetal scalp pH.
  • Awarded over $400,000.00 in contracts from the Federal Government and the Los Angeles Regional Family Planning Council.
  • Carried out the original work and wrote the premier paper on the use of cryosurgery for the treatment of pre-malignant disease on the uterine cervix.
  • Senior author of the first paper to describe the combination of colposcopy, directed cervical biopsies and endocervical curettage in the evaluation of women with abnormal cytology.
  • First to train nurses in the extended role of women’s health care, which led to the development of the first nurse-practitioner training program.
  • Initiated a program to screen indigent women in the Los Angeles basin for cervical and breast cancer, dubbed the “Porta Pap Clinic.”
  • Did the original work on the study of G6PD to determine if cervical cancer was unicellular in origin.

1969 – 1975:

Associate Professor, OB/GYN,
Director of Gynecologic Oncology,
University of Southern California, School of Medicine
  • Developed the original post-graduate training course for colposcopy that is still utilized today. Over 20,000 physicians, residents and nurse practitioners have taken the courses that were personally directed by Dr. Townsend. Countless others have used this format to direct their own courses that taught thousands of others the technique.

1975 – 1979:

Professor, OB/GYN,
University of Southern California, School of Medicine
  • Investigated the role of the CO2 Laser in the treatment of pre-invasive disease of the vulva, vagina and cervix.
  • Awarded nearly $2,000,000.00 in grants and contracts to evaluate the impact of intrapartum use of Diethylstilbestrol on the female offspring.
  • Conducted a study comparing the CO2 Laser and cryosurgery for the treatment of pre-invasive diseases of the uterine cervix.
  • Directed over 400 post-graduate courses in colpolscopy, cryosurgery and CO2 Laser therapy.
  • Co-authored the first textbook on Gynecologic Oncology, now in its 5th edition.

1980 – 1987:

Private Practice,
Cedars Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, California &
Sutter Memorial Hospital, Sacramento, California
  • Also served as Clinical Professor of OB/GYN at both USC and UCLA (much to the chagrin of both institutions.)

1987 – 1992:

Professor and Vice-Chairman, Dept. of OB/GYN,
University of California, Davis, School of Medicine
  • One of the first to develop the technique of endometrial ablation using electrocautery.
  • Developed training protocols for physicians in the use of minimally invasive surgical techniques, i.e. laparoscopy and endometrial ablation, and conducted over 100 postgraduate courses on these and other subjects.

1992 – 1999:

Private Practice, Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • Director of Gyncologic Oncology and Gynecologic Endoscopy, LDS Hospital, Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • Clinical Professor, University of Utah, School of Medicine.

1999 – 2007:

Private Practice, Park City, Utah

2007 –Present:

Private Practice, Midway, Utah

Dr. Townsend has authored 90+ papers in peer review journals and 15+ chapters in books, over half of which deal with various aspects of pre-invasive diseases of the cervix, vulva and vagina. For a complete listing of authored papers and chapters authored, please click this link.

For information about Dr. Townsend’s new book, A Maverick of Medicine Speaks to Women (Woodland Publishing, 2003), click here.

Medical Society Memberships:

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
American Cancer Society
American Federation of Clinical Oncologic Societies
American Medical Fly Fishing Association
American Society of Clinical Oncology
American Society of Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology (President 1977-78)
American Society of Cryosurgery
American Society of Contemporary Medicine and Surgery
Daniel Morton Society (President 1981-82)
Felix Rutledge Society
International Society for the Study of Vulvar Disease
Los Angeles Obstetrical and Gynecological Society
Southwest OB/GYN Society
Society of Cryobiology
Society for Gynecologic Oncologists
Western Association of Gynecologic Oncologists (President 1970-71)
Sacramento-El Dorado Medical Society
Utah Medical Association
Summit County Medical Society
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